Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bienvenido al Mision!

 Thank you so much for all the love this past week! I am overwhelmed by it. Thank you thank you thank you.I dont have much time here in the CCM so please forgive me for not responding. I  would LOVE hand written letters. Send them no later than next week. Once Im in the field I will have more time to write. :)
The plane was awesome and crazy. I met up with 3 missionaries (2 hermanas and 1 elder) in SLC and then the rest of my district in Atlanta. (more on my district later). I spoke to a man on the plane ride to Atlanta that asked me a lots of questions about the mission. He was impressed. :) He could have been Brother Boyers cousin by the way he acted. :) I slept impressively enough on the plane ride here because I had enough no one next to me. 
The first day here was the longest of my entire life. We got picked up by members and I used my Spanish the whole time so I felt pretty great about myself. Then got here and met Presidente Doll y Hermana Doll. They are literally Saints. We had about an hour to clean up and then we were good to go. We didnt sleep until that night. Here in the CCM we wake up at 645 and go to bed at 11. Appparently Viña is a 7 to 11 mission too! Interestante!
The food is so good! I love it. I will definitely be fat. :) We have carbs and meet for lunch and dinner and it is very heavy. And for breakfast I usually have bread and cereal. All of our bodies are feelings so bad though because its so heavy. Im blessed because I am getting more used to it more quickly.
The language is really really hard. Please please please pray for me to have the gift of tongues. I have never been so humbled and fallen to my knees to many times! The wonderful thing though is that I am surrounded by Chilenos every day. The fon the same plot of land as the temple. We walk out from our apartments (like hotel rooms with bunk beds and mini closets for everyone) and the temple is BOOM right there. It is such a blessing. I have only counted 50 missionaries here. Its so tiny. I have gotten to know all of them. It is so homey and wonderful here. This is literally the happiest place on the earth.
The schedule is wake up, personal study in the institute building (same plot) in exercise clothes, breakfast, exercise at a park outside the CCM that is beautiful!, get ready for 50 to class, lunch, class, dinner, class, planning for half an hour, half an hour of time to chill and I like to play the piano then, and then get ready for bed. SO MUCH STUDYING!
My district (district 4) is the most wonderful district ever!
Elder Brooks: From Washington. Reminds me of Josh Carlile just shorter. :) Met him in the SLC airpot.
Elder Braithewaite: District Leader. From California. Everyone calls him justin beiber. Super smiley and nice. Met in Atlanta. A year at Byu i first. 
Elder Clifford: From Arizona. Serious but nice. His older brother entered the MTC the same day and is serving in SARAH HERRINGs mission! They probs know each other.
Hermana Huntsman: MY COMPANION! So so wonderful. From Melba Idaho (mom?) and went to a year at SVU before coming on a mission. We are perfect for each other. So blessed to have her as my companion. She is also Mary Moores cousin.
Hermana Walker: From California. So valient with learning the language even though its hard. Good at going and talking to people. Year at byui first.
Hermana Pitts: The one from the temple! From Arizona! So good at laughing.:) And keeping me in good spirits. We are kindred spirits.
Hermana Morris: From Calif. Year at BYU first. Super cute and short and sweet and an example to me.
Hermana Fletcher: The literal female version of Pa Riser. So so so wonderful. Like me, she is right out of high school with a birthday in September. From Ceder City. Such a light and a cheer leader for our district.ra
My district is the best. PLEASE pray for us to have the gift of tongues!
I have never felt so happy and so frustrated and full of sadness at the same time. But it is so wonderful! I cant imagine myself anywhere else! 
Sometimes I want to kill all missionaries that spoke their native language. But then I remember thats bad. So I repent. :) I am humbled daily here. 
I can pray in Spanish. It is already so so so sacred! I pray for you all!
More info and pictures to come! Thank you for everything!
Forgive any spelling or grammatical errors. Its really hard to type on this computer so quickly.  Please pray for me! I could use any help I could get. 
Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. Yo se que Jose Smith fue una profeta el vio Padre Celestial y su hijo Jesucristo. Este es la iglesia verdadera.
OLAY! Pday subject to change.

Leah's MTC mailing adress:
Sister Leah Kathryn Kelson
Chile Vina del Mar Mission
Chile Missionary Training Center
Pedro de Valdivia 1423
Providencia, Santiago
Region Metropolitana (Santiago)
No packages are permitted in the Chile MTC, and letters are taking up to 5 weeks to arrive right now so any letters sent after early November might be best sent to Leah's mission home in Valparaiso.  She will leave the MTC and go to her mission right around Dec. 1st.
Mucho Amor
Hermana Kelson

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