Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CCM is Heaven

Hola todas!

Wowsa! What a wonderful week! I literally feel like floating. The CCM is heaven. I wish everyone could experience this. Can you imagine spending 24 hours a day with missionaries from all over the world? Yeah, I know, its the bestest. 
Fun fact: Clothes pins are called ¨perritos de ropa¨ which translates to little dogs for clothes. Jajaja.
We have new teachers this week and they are maraviosas! Our lessons are really starting to have so much power. I feel so much for these investigators and they arent even totes real yet. Oh hannah. 
So everyone here has started calling me HerMAMA Kelson. :) We are the oldest district now and I have felt like mother hen. And I LOVE it! It brings me so much joy! I suppose some things never change. :) 
I will not have a PDAY next week because i will be heading into the FIELD!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!! I saw my mish pres this week, Presidente Diaz. He came for a conference and we met him. Totally Chileano and so so amazing! His wife is so grand too. It made it all slightly more real. This week we go contacting and on splits. IN SPANISH! Yeah, I could literally pee my falda, Im so excited!
So I had a definite Don DE LENGUAS experience this week. Here at the CCM for sacrament meeting, everyone prepares a talk and then they tell you in that moment who is speaking that day. You speak in front of the entire CCM (not that big but tons of natives) and it all has to be IN SPANISH! This weeks topic was obedience, and guess what? I SPOKE! And guess what! I didnt even read it! I said it all just from a few points and it was all in Spanish! And it made sense! I asked my latina roomates just to make sure. Wowsa. It was such a blessing. My Spanish is not even close to Chileano (fast and dropping letters like cray cray) but I can communicate pretty well. :) The gift of tongues is so real! THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE!
So whenever I tell Chileanos I am from Utah they say ¨Fábrica de los Mormónes¨ which means ¨factory of mormons¨. I laugh every time. :) 
The Book of Mormon is so so real. It is so so true. When you have problems, trials, preguntas, or a heavy heart I invite you to turn to the scriptures in all that you do. It will bless your life. I understand the majority of the LDM in español now. It is beautiful. What a priviledge this is to learn a new language! I have never been so grateful! I wake up with gratitude in my heart each morning, even though sometimes my pillow tries to get me to stay. :) 
Never give up on the Lord. For He will NEVER give up on you. Sometimes He just sent you snail mail, and it might take a while to get the answer. :)
I love you all! I can feel your prayers! I pray for all of you often. Thank you so much for helping me get here! I read all your letters, just no time to respond to them all! 
Mucho Amor! Olay!

Hermana Kelson

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