Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Earthquakes, New View, and Sacerdocio

Hey Todos!
Did I get your attention with the title?  I experienced an earthquake! Dont worry I only lost one arm. JK! Ja ja ja. It was at 4:30 am on Friday night (sat morning). It happened in Ovalle, Chile (my mission) and was a 6.8. We only got tremors. All the sudden I was bouncing my bed and I was really confused. Until I woke up and realized, It was an earthquake! I thought Id dreamt it until my companion said something in the morning. :)
I have a new room! We arent the new bees anymore. We had new kids come in, c6 of which are norte americanos. I love them so much! Part of what has changed me this week is serving and helping them. The more i try to reassure them, the more reassured I become. My new room has a perfect view of the temple. It is stunning! My companion and I are the only ones inthere so it makes it easier to get ready. We listen to music every morning and it has helped change my mood. Happiness is totes a choice. That is an eternal principle. (totes and all :)) I think the change was a good kickstarter to my change this week. I have become a completely different missionary. I was so sad, depressed, crying a lot, and homesick the first 2 weeks. I wasnt happy. At all. But through His infnite grace I have completely changed. I am so much happier. My soul is lighter. ( Mosiah 24: 13 through 15 and 1 Nephi 10:6) He hasnt taken away the hard parts or the greatness of the task but has helped me be happy despite the hard things. I am happier than I have ever ever been.
With the new week we have new teachers. I love them! That also means new investigatores. (teachers) This time is way smoother now that I know more Spanish and more fundamentals for teaching! It is wonderful. We already have one commited to baptism! The spirit is strong in lessons and if we prepare, our language flows much much better. The language is coming. Slowly, but surely. Please keep praying for my district and I to have the don de lenguas. I need all the divine help I can get for that is the only way I can do this. When I rely on Him and realize I cant do it alone is when I progress the most. I had a latino tell me that I am starting to loose my American Accent!! I think he was just beingt nice but he didnt say it to anyone else.:) All my prayers are in Spanish now. And I can say all that I want to say.
One of the Hermanas hurt her ankle. (English?) She asked for a blessing. It was just our district in the room. No one else. It was the first time this Elder (or any of them I thinkI) had given a blessing. Even though he read the words from the missionary handbook and the blessing was simple, there was so much power. The Priesthood (sacerdocio) is so real. It is literally power from God. And even 18 year old Elders can have and exercise that power. I know it is real. I have seen the miracles it brings. Dont doubt the Priesthood.
I encourage everyone to read about the life of President Monson. He is truly the profeta on this tierra. He speaks for God and is His instrumento. I know this.
Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I can feel them so strongly! Dont stop but please pray for my future investigatores too. We learned that when you knock you dont knock all over the door but in the same spot. It would be silly otherwise. That is how we recieve answers, but continually knocking in the same spot.
I memorized DyC 4 in Spanish!
Approach every day with: Have I done any good in the world today? Have I learned something new? Have a become closer to the person Heavenly Father wants me to be?
Missions are a sacrifice. But how can we expect to be in the highest kingdom of heaven without making sacrifices unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
Im so sorry I dont respond to all your emails but I love you all. I read them all (I take pics of them and read them thor!ughout the week). YOu have changed me, lifted me up and saved my poor depressed soul. Thank you so very much.

Olay! Mucho amor! El vive! Yo se!
Hermana Kelson


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