Monday, December 28, 2015


Hey all!

Wow! What a week! Christmas was truly amazing. I felt so so so happy. It is unlike any other feeling. I love Christmas in the mission. Yes, it was hard. Yes, it was wonderful.

Christmas Eve Hermana Mckendrick and I visited and sang to lots of Menos activos. It was so wonderful. The spirit of Christmas (Christ) was so strong. It brought so much joy! And everyone kept trying to give us food. Haha. Then we went to a huge park in our area and asked people if we could sing Christmas songs. We sang to probably about 30 people! And we got lots of addresses and numbers! OH! Funny story. As we were singing to a Less active she suggested we sing to the neighbors. Caroling is not something Chileans do so they were kinda confused. A 10 year old boy answered the door and then trying to offer us whatever they had he offered us cans of beer. We kindly declined with a chuckle and were given packets of ketchup instead. Haha.  The night of Christmas Eve we spend with Familia Latoja. Menos activos with a daughter on  a mission. The mom told us that having us there was like having her daughter there. :) So so sweet. I was so happy.

Christmas day we spent lunch with our Mamamita Andrea. She made us the cutest desserts. Thats where we skyped. What a blessing it was to see my beautiful family! I am so grateful to be an eternal family with those wonderful people! Yes, I cried. Yes, I laughed. I am also grateful for the Mieures who helped so much with that and I loved seeing them!

 Rosanna, Hermana Mckendrick and I on Christmas Eve.

I have been really humbled this week. Humbled by my Heavenly Father, my companion, our leaders, the ward. I know what it means when they say trial of faith by fire. In order for us to actually change and be better people we have to go through some uncomfortable and hard moments. More than 1 or 2. Being here I realize just how imperfect I am. I am trying to apply the atonement more. It is good that I am being humbled but yes I have had moments of resistance. Haha. It is all a learning process. Although, while much is a process, much can be changed in the moment. Your attitude, your vision, your accions. These things can change quickly. It is all up to us. This is something I am learning.

OH! Also this week, I pulled something in my knee on these hills and had to stay home ice it. Yet another experience to learn. My knee is fine now but I think Heavenly Father is really working on my right now. Its a blessing. :) I think. Hahaha. 

I love this work. I love being a missionary. I want so badly to be better.

I am so grateful to all of you who send me sweet Christmas emails. Thank you so so much. That means so much to me. I am blessed. Thank you.

Love you all!

Mucho amor! Olay!

Hermana Kelson

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