Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year and New Companions

Hola Todos!

Feliz 2016! Wowsa. No puedo creerlo. So I bet you are wondering what we did for the new year. We had permission to stay out until 11 and so we had once with a familia in the ward. *once is like dinner but really late. Then we went to our pension and had the most amazing view of the fireworks. Valpo and Vina have the 3rd biggest and best firework shows in the world. It was amazing. It was a firework show all up and down the coast. It was literally incredible. New years here is crazy though because tourists are every where. I have contacted a couple times in English this week. Its been cool. Also, I have never seen so many people passed out on the street. Also, I now have a very keen sense of what beer smells like and I dont like it. 

For New Years day we had permission to watch the Cokeville Miracle as a Zone. Wow. So SO powerful. Especially as a missionary. I challenge you all to watch it. It is so great!
Chile meets Gringolandia. Empenadas y Chicken Nuggets! Yes! I love empanadas! 

So new companions! So we had intercambios this week and I stayed in my area and had the Sister Training leader come here. Thus, we were lost a lot as I tried to help us get to our appointments. We ended up contacting 25 people in one day so yeah!! It was great! Then in the middle of the day we got a call from the Asistentes that Hermana Alverez from the ward that shares our church building would be coming to be in a trio with us. Her companion went home on medical release. She is so awesome. She is from Peru and goes home this May. She will likely be with us, Hermana Mckendrick and I, until cambios on January 13th. She is such a great missionary and exactly what I needed. We are having a lot of fun in a trio. Hermana Alverez is an example to me and I have learned a lot from her. Also because we are speaking with her in Spanish all day long my Spanish has gotten much better. Also, this week I did an Ingles Fast for 24 hours. I started with a prayer like I would any other fast and didnt speak or write English for 24 hours. I know I recieved lots of strength and help. He is real! *thank you Tanner Mieure for the idea.

Also we started teaching an English Class every Wednesday. Our first one was this week. IT was SO fun! It was also awesome because our investigator Maria brought her granddaughter Luisangela. This was GREAT! We saw some miracles from them this week. We think that Luisangela is the key. We met her mom this week too and she was very open and seemed happy that we have been trying to teach Luisangela. Luisangela really wants to come to church but Maria always makes excuses. Please pray for this family.

I love the new year and the opportunity to start anew. It is like baptism! My goals for this year fall into 5 catigories. Mental is to master Spanish. Emotional is to have patience with myself and others. Physical is to make good use of my exercise time here. Social is to LOVE every companion. Spiritual is to rely on Him. I have specific plans for each. I know if I share my goals I am more likely to do them. Also my theme scripture for this year is DyC 4 verse 2. I am so excited for what this year will bring. I will be here in Chile for all of 2016. 

I challenge you all to make goals with a prayerful heart. Sincerely ask what you can do to be better this year. There is a quote in PMG that says that mastering the ability to meet goals is an eternal principle. If we never make goals we will look back on our lives and realize we didnt achieve our potential. So make goals! They will bless you! And if you make a goal that has to do with missionary work then I promise you you will be happier than every before and He will help you accomplish that goal. This is His work and He loves His children. His work is eternal. His work is a plan of happiness. Dont be afraid!!!  JUST DO IT. . . . thank you Nike.

Mucho amor! Feliz Ano Nuevo! Olay!

Hermana Leah Kelson

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