Monday, January 11, 2016

Take that Satan!

Hello All!

It is so good to see that you are all doing well! I love hearing from you! Thank you!

So this week was hard. Like really hard. But you know what? I am still here! I am still doing this! I keep reminding myself that it is supposed to be hard. But there have also been many blessing this week.

So first of all, we have to drop Maria and her granddaughter Luisangela. Last Monday we taught them a VERY powerful lesson of the Restauracion. My companions and I bore powerful testimonies. The room felt like it was on fire. And we were hopeful. Then a few days later we returned with a member, I returned missionary that teaches our Gospel Principles class with a talent for teaching. She was very powerful. Members are such a powerful tool! Go out with the missionaries! We taught the Plan of Salvacion. It was very powerful and we answered all their quesitons and we got to the moment to ask them if they would be baptized and Maria said no. She said that no matter what we did she wouldnt change. This is hard. Why dont people take what is right in front of them?! I love these people so much and it breaks my heart. But it was a powerful lesson in agency. We have that gift and not even Heavely Father can take our will. We also have to have broken hearts to feel the prompting of the Spirit.

Thus we are without investigators and I have been a little discouraged. This week Satan really hit me hard. I didnt know if I could get through this week. But my companions have been so wonderful and helped me keep going and keep smiling. And then as I was getting ready I listened to a talk by Elder Holland called Cast Not away thy confidence, or something like that. It was EXACTLY what i needed to hear. Wow. SO POWERFUL! I testify that there is an adversary. But you know what? I testify that Heavenly Father is bigger than any problem or thing that Satan throws your way. Satan is our brother and thus knows us as a brother does and will get you in the ways he thinks he can. BUT HE CANT! He cant if you dont give him permission! So dont give Him permission! Heavenly Father is there EVERY step of the way. Promise.

I am grateful for companions. I realize that each companion is to be loved. And you know what? I love both my companions so so dearly. They are so amazing and I have learned loads from them! 

We have made lots of progress with the members here. They trust us! Yay! That is our big success. I am impressed to see our progess. It is everything for a  missionary to have the trust of the members. Part of our job is with the members and I wish I would remember that more. Strengthening members is critical. 

Funny moment of the week. The toilet paper brand here  is COMFORT. None of the Chileans know what that means. We were studying our scriptures and Hermana Alverez was studying in English. She turns to us and says, Consuelo is comfort in English? And we were like yeah. And then she started busting up laughing. ¨LIke the toilet paper?¨. We all died because she had just realized what that meant. We have some goofy moments together and its grand. 

It was our Mamita Andrea´s birthday this week. She is the one that puts our lunch schedule together, feeds us every Tuesday, washes our clothes, and answers all our questions when we dont know how to live. Haha. She is a literal Saint and cooks like one too. We went to her house for a celebration and bought her a small gift and wrote her cards. The hard part was that we were on a fast and couldnt eat anything. HAHA. One of the Hermanas in an older misisonary couple was hit by a car this week. Hermana Poulson. She is the one that is our nurse and she and her husband did the coro for Christmas. If you could all pray for them and their family that would be appreciated. She is going to have a surgery.
I love you all. I testify that hard times come so that we change. Change is a good thing. Change is positive. Change is an eternal principle. Because its real name is repentance. :)

Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631
Vina del Mar, Chile

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