Monday, January 25, 2016

World Wide Training and Interviews

Hola Todos!

I love Chile and I love you all!
Bienvendios a the craziest week ever! It was also a VERY very good week. 

So we had a world wide missionary training this week. It was GRAND! There were members of the 12 apostles and other leaders that spoke and did training. When they speak to the missionaries it is different. There is SO much power and they trust us dweeby young adults so much! I also got to hear it in English so that probs helped. Haha. The theme was TEACH REPENTANCE BAPTIZE CONVERTS. Yeah, talk about power! I loved what Elder Anderson said. He said that ¨¨the Doctrine of Christ can only be recieved through personal revelation.¨ As missionaries we teach the gospel of Christ unto repentance but unless the people we are teaching are recieving that through the Spirit they CANNOT progess and come unto Christ. This is powerful because through my own personal revelation in my 1st 6 weeks I was realizing that I have to experience the doctrine of Christ in my own life before I can help others do so. Wow. It was just awesome. Also Elder Bednar was great! He did this discussion thing with about 12 missionaries about the role of the Spirit in conversion. It was really powerful. I can try all I want to help people feel the spirit but they have to let it in. And you know how? Through ACTION. Ugh! It was so so great! And Elder Oaks! What a man! We are here to preach REPENTANCE! Woot! Anywho.
I also had my first interview with Presidente Diaz. He is the literal sweetest, happiest, most angelic man ever! He reminds me a lot of my dad. The interview was short and he was just checking up on me. He told me to not stress out and to be happy. He said not to worry about numbers and to enjoy it. He also asked me to share what I had been reading in my scripture study and I of course cried and he wipped out a tissue oh so sweetly. He is definitely meant to be my President. Haha. I LOVE HIM!

So Maria read from the beginning of the LDM to 2 Nefi 28! Wow! There are changes with her. Slow and steady. We read with her in the LDM and her son was there reading with us. (Alex Eduardo about 50 years old) and he was totally testifying of the things we were teaching to his mom! Wow! We were really really excited! We have hope for their family. We are still looking for new investigators but  we have lots of appointments with new ones lined up. Pray for us to find a family!

I gave my first talk in sacarament meeting in Spanish! I talked about missionary work. Afterward there is this sweet older lady in our ward that walked up to me and said Ï understood everything. It made me want to cry. YAY! #makingprogress
In 1820 the church was restored and ITS TRUE!

I love this gospel. I love this church! I love Spanish! (usually) I know that it is true and that as we do His work he blesses us more than we could ever imagine. This goes for all you at home too! If you need answers, blessings, comfort, or help, then do the work of the Lord and He will bless you with those things and more.
I love you all!

Hermana Leah Kelson
Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile