Monday, November 28, 2016

A Sign

Hola a Todos!

This week has been crazy because we havent really been in our area with so many things coming up and meetings and everything. But it has been great still!

This week we helped a new covert put up a Christmas tree. She was jewish before she was a member and didnt know anything about Christ or Christmas a year ago. It was fun. Her mom isnt a member and the other day went to drink some alcohol. Gloria, the new covert, goes ¨Mom, you know that isnt good for you.¨ Her mom says she knows but she needs a sign from God to tell her not to to be able to stop. And just then the alcohol caught fire and exploded the whole oven. If thats not a sign I dont know what is. :)

This week we taught Edwin, Katty, and Josefa (and the younger siblings) again. They are the FAMILY that we will be baptizing in December. They are so amazing. We shared about tithing. I realized just how grateful I am for parents that have taught me to pay my tithing. I testify that tithing brings the blessings of heaven. Always. At the end Edwin prayed and he prayed that when they get baptized that they can continue to be faithful members for eternity. :)

Something I learned from my studies this morning is that a synonymy for the atonement is joy. As we use the atonement we are joyous. 
Oh! And to answer your questions. The Chileans dont even know what Thanksgiving is. It was a normal day. And Hermana Stauffer and I celebrated by eating cereal at night. Haha. The mission life. 

My companion and I came up with a new idea to help the ward. It has to do with the churches program of light the world.
We have the 25 days of Christmas that go along with the videos. We have challenges each day like sharing the videos on facebook, giving away a book of mormon, or having FHE with a nonmember. There is a point system and everything. The members are so excited and so are we! 

I love you all dearly!
hermana kelson

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  1. I am always so excited to read your messages. You are making the BEST of your mission. I am so proud of you. Before we know it, you will be home, and even sooner, Ann will be on her way. Snow and cold here today. I am trying to do all the things that make Christmas special, like decorating, writing cards, thinking up gifts, and even am trying to think of being a Light during the Christmas season, and planning on a few acts of kindness I can do.
    Love you,
    Grandma Kelson