Monday, April 25, 2016


Hola Todos!

Gracias for all of your emails. I love hearing about your lives. It is so fun!! Thank you!

THIS WEEK I COMPLETED 6 MONTHS. Its not even real. I feel like I still dont know anything.

This week was cambios and I am STAYING IN VALPO! This means that I will be in this ward for 6 months by the time this cambio is over. That is a 3rd of my mission! And I couldnt be happier. I know there are things I still have to do here before I leave. I have seen the ward grow so much and it is such a blessing. I LOVE it here and thinking of leaving makes me cry. I love these people with all my heart. My companion is still my companion. Poor thing. I am learning so much from her. She is my shining example. 

This week was hard. And good. There were a few days that I fell asleep crying. There were a few days I fell asleep laughing. My body is definitely beginning to feel the mission. There were a few nights this week when I got back to the apartment so tired that I couldnt even keep my eyes open for planning and planned with my eyes closed. My companion and I are trying to enjoy this time though. It rained more and also was hot a little bit. The weather is crazy and kind of reminds me of Utah right now. 

This week we had the Show de Talentos! Or talent show, in the ward. :) It was super fun and LOTS of people came despite the fact that it was raining. That in and of itself is a miracle. I played the piano while one of the elders sang and it was good to be accompanying again.

We found 7 nuevos this week, 2 of which are references. That is awesome. I wish every member knew what it means to recieve references. I challenge you all to read Every Member a Missionary by Craig Christiansen. BOOM! Miracles happen.

Dita still is unsure about baptism. We have testified a lot but it is hard when she is still unsure. When we asked her if she had prayed to know if she needed to get baptised right now she told us she hadnt because she was too scared to. I know that she knows she needs to get baptized. She didnt come to church because she was really sick so the Bishop and another brother went to give her a blessing. Hoping for the best. 

I love this gospel. I love the mission. I am learning to be a better me. I love these people SO much. The church is true. If you dont know it, go pray about it.
Jjajaja This is me trying to take a selfie with a dog.
This is my new favorite thing. I think it is called a hot water bottle in English. I am not sure. But it is cold here at night.

Love you all!
Hermana Leah Kelson

Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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  1. We continue to remember you in our prayers and love the updates. May God bless you and "yours". Love, Us