Monday, September 5, 2016

How Do You Know He's Not a False Prophet

HOLA TODOS! How I miss and love you all! I feel your love and prayers and support. Thank you!

This week was great! Heavenly Father is soo good!

This week with Jacqueline she let us into her home for the first time. (we have been teaching outside or at the park) She lives with her 16 year old daughter, husband, and mother. As we taught she told us she was sad because she didnt think her husband would let her come to church. My heart fell a little and we testified about prayer and that it would all work out with time. In that same instant her husband invited us for once. (um like mini dinner? How do I explain once to gringos?) We shared with the whole family and they thanked us for saying the prayer. Jacqueline was so excited afterward because her husband recieved us so well she walked us out and jumped for joy. Yesterday we went back to see her and her husband began asking us questions. I started chatting A LONG time with him about lots of things in the gospel. (I know more than I thought I did) He just kept talking and talking. At one point he asked me Ând how do you know that Joseph Smith wasnt a false prophet? At this point I bore my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. He went silent. In fact the whole family went silent. And the Spirit testified of my words. He accepted a Book of Mormon and would pray about it. YEAH FOR TESTIMONIES!

Familia Araya Oryan came to church!!! AAAHH!! And Javiera really liked it. And she is going to young womens this week! I am so happy! We just need to invite her to be baptized is all. I am psyched!

This week we had exchanges and while we have had so many miralces all week long this day EVERY appointment fell. It was one of the hardest days of my mission. Heavenly Father has a big sense of humor. Haha.

I testify that Jesus Christ truly came to the Americas and taught the people here. I know that He lives and knows me. He knows you. And wants the best for you all. 

All my love,
Hermana Leah Kelson

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