Monday, December 19, 2016

Cantan Santos Angeles

Hola Todos!
What a different and wonderful week! We left our area on Wednesday and didnt really get back until Sunday night. We were in Viña so much and actually stayed in my companions first area which was fun to get to know her converts and stuff.
The Christmas concert was amazing! On the beach. Singin Christmas Songs. In Spanish. As a misisonary. What could be better? Plus it was really fun. It has been stressful, yes. And we havent gotten home until 11:30 or later every single night so we are exhausted but it was SO fun. SOOO many people came! It was so full the last night! We are talking Les Mis on closing night at the Scera Shell status. There wasnt room for everyone. There were thousands of people. It was SO fun! And the Spirit was so strong. I loved every second of it and felt so blessed. So many people that I love from all my different wards were there. It was awesome to see some past investigators too that will soon be getting baptized! I am so happy! It filled me.
This week my studies have just been great and my companion and I have had some great discussions. One thing I have learned is about the name of Christ. In Bible times names had great significance. Just look at Saul who changed to Paul. Names are important. But a name back then meant more than just what we call someone. It means all that that person is. So Jesus Christ referes to his glory, character, attributes, all of it. As we take upon us HIs name we take on all of those things too. This week I played the piano for the primary program (SO CUTE! There are like 40 kids and even Josefa spoke!) and they almost skipped me in the sacrament because all the kids were on the stand too. I almost had a panic attack thinking I wouldnt get the sacrament. What a divine and wonderful blessing the sacrament is. I always want to take upon His name with this ordinance.
FELIZ NAVIDAD a todos! I love you all and hope you remember your Savior and why He came.
Hermana Kelson


Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile


  1. Fue maravilloso volver a verla, cantó muy bien, parecia un ángel. Usted es la mejor!!

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas there in Chile, Leah! You're doing great. It is fun to read your weekly letters. Thanks to Kate for sending them on! Your dad and Ann were here for lunch today. Yes! Here! In my apartment. I fed them Chicken Cordon Blue, baked potatoes, green beans and apple pie. Good conversation! Love you. Grandma Kelson