Monday, May 9, 2016

Baptismal Whites

Hello All

We had the biggest miracles of my entire life this week! DITA GOT BAPTIZED! I have never felt so blessed and loved by Heavenly Father. And you know what? It isnt my baptizm. It is His. HIs hand was in every single step and I was only the instrument. Sometimes I feel like a really crappy toy drum. Haha. But He has helped my weakness and helped me become a instrument that He uses still. I am so grateful.

We went to teach Dita Thursday and I asked her about baptizm. She told me that she wanted to talk to us in private. I freaked out and thought, ¨oh now, she is going to tell us she doesnt want to get baptized.¨ But you know what? She told us she wanted to get baptized this Sunday! So we had 3 days to throw together the baptizm with the help of the ward and finish teaching all the lessons. Simonne, a member, was a huge influence in it all. She brought Dita to institute and that helped Dita change even more. There is so much pòwer in members.

The baptizm was beautiful and I have never felt so happy! There are miracles!
Mothers day was wonderful. Skyping the family was incredible and I am so happy they are well. We delivered mother´s day treats and contacted with these treats. Basically if you want people to listen just give them food. :)

I know that this is HIS work and He does it in HIS way. We are just the instruments. And I am so blessed to be one. Even if I am a crappy toy drum sometimes. Haha.
I got a haircut! Not this much... but almost!

Shout out to my best friend Navyrae who got her mission call to Arkansas! SO HAPPY!

All my love and prayers

Hermana Leah Kelson

Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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