Monday, May 16, 2016

Like a Little Child

Hola Todos!

What a great week of learning for me! I am so blessed to be here, especially in this area. It breaks my heart to think I will likely leave next transfer (June 1st). But there is always hope that I could stay for one more! :) I honestly love it here and love the people with all my heart. 

This week we started to teach a boy named Alejandro. He is 9 years old. His mom and older brother are less active members and we have visited a few times but started to teach Alejandro this week. And he is SO excited! The first lesson we invited him to be baptized and he asked ¨How long do I have to hold my breath?¨He was a little scared about that. But on our second lesson he had been praying and was excited to see us. His mom wasnt home so we taught him and his 2 younger cousins outside. It reminded me of the many piano lessons I have taught and it made me miss it a lot. We taught the Great Apostasy, Profets, and Baptism using candy. The 3 were VERY attentive. Haha. And Alejandro understood it all perfectly! And accepted the invitation to be baptized the 29th of this Month. Please pray for him! We fasted ferventely that he would come to church and we did all we could to get him there. Luckily we motivated his mom to come with him to church this Sunday and it was great. I LOVE FASTING! IT BRINGS MIRACLES! I had to sit somewhere else during sacrament meeting because I play the piano but my companion told me that Alejandro drew us (my comp and I) with wings of angels. I cried a little.

Also, Dita got confirmed and is doing great! I love her lots! She wrote me a note that said the gospel was the best things that has happened in her life. I feel so priviledged to know her.

We had exchanges this week and I went to Placilla with Hermana León de México. She finishes her mission this transfer. She is wonderful and helped me learn a lot. Also, we were on bikes for all of that exchange because she is in a biking area. My bum hurt. I feel ya all you biking missionaries!

I want to testify that Heavenly Father loves us perfectly and completely . He cries with us when we cry and rejoices when we rejoice. I also testify that fasting brings miracles. And the biggest miracle of all is the miracle within ourselves. Every times I fast my desires are a little bit purer and a little bit more in line with what Heavenly Father wants. If you want to change your attitude or change the way you view life, FAST. Fasting has changed my life. I wish we could do it everyday. (but also not really because I really like Chilean food.)

PS When we were teaching Alejandro and his cousins I had to keep myself from laughing when one of his cousins says,¨Guess what? I was born the exact day of my birthday!¨ Jajaja. My companion and I had to control ourselves. I love kids! That is why we must become like little children: teachable, humble, and excited!
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers! You are all wonderful! OLAY!

Hermana Leah Kelson

Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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