Monday, February 27, 2017

The Best Week of My Mission

Hola todos!
This has been the best and craziest week of my mission. I am literally so happy right now. It scares me actually.
Anyway heres how this week went
Monday: We taught Julio and he told us he is writing a book of his conversion! What the?! He is amazing. He gave us the introduction to read and we cried. He has been through so much but is SO prepared for the gospel. I love that man. We also taught Carola and she was SO willing to do whatever she can to be clean and pure again. TEACHING REPENTANCE!
Tuesday: We taught like crazy people. Lots of powerful and exhausting lessons. Teaching as a missionary is emotionally and spiritually and physically so exhausting. But so worth it. ONe family we taught is Sebastian (12), his mom Pamela and his grandma Rosa. Satan always tries to ruin lessons when we teach the restoration. So first of all my companion had the hiccups the whole first half of the lesson. Then right as we are sharing the first vision a FLY GOES UP THE NOSE OF THE 72 YEAR OLD GRANDMA! Sometimes Satan is in the form of a fly. After gaining the peace again we finished and it was a powerful lesson. We laughed so hard afterward.
Wednesday: It was Cristobal´s birthday!
Thurday: Hermana Olsen (the best companion ever, she rocks my world) and I were asked to come to a special meeting with Elder Texiera from the 70. We were 2 of 20 missionaries (besides the office) and 2 of 7 sisters there. WHAT AN HONOR! He talked about the new moto that we have and a lot about the importance of the temple. If everyone did there family history and took names to the temple regularly then no one would be inactive. I strongly believe that. 
Friday: Intercabios with my lovely hermana Lundgren in Placeres! The hills killed me but we are good.
Saturday: CAPILLA ABIERTA in my first ward! I cried that whole afternoon and just loved seeing so many people I love so dearly. It brought back many wonderful memories and we saw so many miracles. Including many people who were invited off of the street to participate.
Sunday: JULIOS BAPTIZM! It was beautiful. He shared his testimony and said he knew that God was real and that he loved him. He brought us (the zone) on a tour of the Lagoon today and told us he couldnt remember much of what he said but that he felt so calm. He is the biggest miracle! If I could progress as fast as Julio I would already be in the Celestial Kingdom. This man makes me want to be better.

I love the mission. I love this gospel. I am so happy. And i am happy because I experience his grace every single day. And I share it. And I see it work in the lives of others. The atonement is so real. We just need to use it and learn to use it to reach our full potential. I love this gospel.

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Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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