Monday, March 6, 2017

Remember Who You Are

Hola Todos!
This week was a little slower but still awesome! My body is slowly dying but I am happy. :) 

So this week Carla has been going through some tough stuff but it has helped her grow closer to her Heavenly Father. We are always wanting to talk about baptism with her because she is so amazing and just needs those amazing covenants in her life but we have been a little hesistant to do it. But this week we talked about baptizm and my amazing companion asked her to pray for a date. She said she had already been thinking about it! Sometimes its even cooler when an investigator takes a little longer because you grow to love them more. I want nothing more for this woman to be baptized. Not because we are baptizing robots but because I want the best for her.
We also had MAURICIO. Another miracle. So we were walking  a lot this week and our inspired district leader called to challenge us to contact all the people with blue shirts. So off in the opposite direction we see a guy with a blue shirt so we go that way and find it is Mauricio. We, hermana Stauffer and I, had taught him a few times and had lost contact. He is 19 and has so many questions. We ended up teaching him and inviting him to Stake Conference the next day. AND HE CAME! What a miracle because it was really far away! There are so many prepared people in our path.
Like I said it was stake conference and it was amazing. Our Mission President and the Temple President from Satiago came and spoke. It was phenominal. But the part that really stuck out to me was what the Stake President Said. He told a story of Elder Rasband. He came to Chile to meet with the goverment. The authority said [Hello, I am Mario Lopez. I am the Vice President of Chile here representing the President. It is nice to meet you.] To which Elder Rasband responded [I am Elder Rasband, apostle of Jesus CHrist and embassador of the Prince of Peace. Nice to meet you too.] WOW! If we all really understood who we are we would act much differently than we do.
I love you all! Have a great week!
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Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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  1. Love your pictures. Wish my pictures could make me look so beautiful! (hahaha) So glad you are doing so well and being so happy. I love you. Grandma Kelson