Monday, March 13, 2017

Time Is Weird

Hola Todos!

Time is so weird. It goes fast and slow all at the same time. I cannot even explain it .
So Julio got confirmed! And has already been given assignments. THis man is amazing. Also CAROLA was another huge miracle this week! I think I have talked about her before because we taught her with Hermana Stauffer. This week we talked about the WOrd of Wisdom because we sensed it may be hard for her. She has gone from smoking 30 cigarrettes every day to 1. ONLY 1! That is incredible! She has also stopped drinking tea and coffee: a really hard thing for Chileanos with the tea. She came to church on Sunday and LOVED it. She even stayed for the Elders baptizm and just cried through it all. And the members were amazing and already invited her to 2 NDH. Yesssss. . . 

We had Zone Conference this week and learned about FAITH. Faith starts from your thoughts. If you want miralces you need to THINK miracles. If we walk around with this [pucha, I am never going to see a miracle today because its raining and no one wants to hear] then obviously you wont! OUr thoughts show our deepest desires. SO I am trying to correct my thoughts and have more faith.

There was in big fire in Viña that cut our power for a few hours. We are all good though. We started teaching English Classes again and when I teach I feel like I dont know Spanish nor English. Its a weird sensation. 

The church is so true. I hope you all know that. And if you dont, GO PRAY ABOUT IT!

Shout out to Adria Vancott that is comin to CHILE!! #bestcountryever #sipo

All my love
Hermana Kelson 1


Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile


  1. Zaron's wedding was awesome. His new bride served a mission also, in the Philippines. You will love her, I am sure. (If Zaron ever decides to share her with any of us. hahaha) Actually, she was best friends with Zaron's older brother, Andrew, all through school. Isn't that neat? Tianna and Darrell, as well as Kelson, Michelle and Lyla - all drove down from Rexburg. Your Dad came down with Lily and Elizabeth. All the others had things going on. Lily seems so self-assured and growing up. Loved seeing them. Colleen, LaMar, Collin, Andraya and Amanda and her kids came up from Mesa. Aubrey and Hannah were both there with their fiances. We will have lot of get togethers in 2017. Soon we will be seeing you. I love your pictures. You look radiant! Love you. Grandma K.