Monday, March 20, 2017

Leaving the Comfort Zone

Hola Todos!

CARLA IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I AM BEING TRANSFERRED! Goodness glaceres what a week! We have literally seen more miracles this week than in my whole mission! I am so incredibly happy and so incredibly sad at the same time. Let me explain.

On Monday Carla calls us on our way to a NDH and she says she wants to be baptized. My companion was on the phone while I was talking with our investigator. When she gets off the phone she asks [What day of the week is the 24th and 25th of March?] My eyes got wide but we didnt talk about it until we got home and she said that Carla had made the decision to be baptized!!!!!!! The joy I feel is not even describable. I love this woman so much and am so happy that after 8 months she is making this big step. This was right after we had fasted on Sunday for Carla and for many investigators. It was the easist fast I had ever done because I was so focused on these people and in such need of miracles. FASTING BRINGS MIRACLES. She will be baptized this Sunday.

Julio recieved the Priesthood and goes to the temple the first time this Saturday.
Look at this weird tasty thing. Don't even know what it is called but it is a literal leg of dried meat. Talk about presentation!

Another miracle: in the morning we were walking and being rejected by everyone and their dog (because there are so many stinkin dogs here) and I just had a breakdown and started crying. It was a hard morning and I was just stressed out. After sitting and talking it out with my companion and being like [what is even my problem!? We do this everyday! We got this!] and getting back on our feet this guy in his car stops us and says [HEY ELDERS!] We walk over and try to explain that we are Hermanas. And he goes, [Oh sorry. I am less active and want to go back to church. Also my son here in the backseat is 10 and wants to be baptized.] I think I had to catch my jaw before it dropped. We took down their info and scheduled an appointment. My companion and I waited for him to drive out of sight before doing a happy dance and laughing and crying like fools. 

Carola twisted her ankle hard time this week. :( Right when we were helping her go to so many members homes (by walking) and she was progressing so much was right when the opposition came. She got really dehearted by it too. She is on rest and cant even work right now. But she recieved a blessing and is doing better. 
You know you are missionary when you eat celestial food. jajaja

In thinking about Opposition this week we also saw the new Joseph Smith first vision video (
 Es impresionante. Joseph, too, had to experience opposition while looking for the remission of his sins. We will all experience opposition. Especially when trying to repent. But that just means we are doing the right thing. Repentance is always the right and best thing to do. 

I am sadly being transferred from Placilla and my dear companion hermana Olsen. My heart is literally breaking. I have already bawled my eyes out but I am so excited for new adventures. Even if it is just for the last change. Heavenly Father will always take us from our comfort zones to help us grow and change.

Sorry for the novel today. I love you all!
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Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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  1. I am getting excited to see your return. I know you have mixed feelings. We moved around so much through the years, but I wouldn't take a million dollars for all the memories I have of good friends I made in every place we lived. You will feel the same. You have great capacity to truly love people. That will serve you throughout your life. Take care, and look out for those dogs.
    Love you
    Grandma K.