Monday, March 7, 2016

Miracles, Pulagas, and Legal!

Wow! What a great and hard week! We have worked like crazy and seen some wonderful wonderful miracles. Hermana Camargo came trained and it is so fun to get to know someone from such a different country and with a differnent culture. I love it!

This week we found Renata. She is 16 and let us into her house when we knocked on her door. It had been a long day and we decided to knock one more house. It happened to be hers. She lives in a one room apartment thing next to her family. Its kinda weird but okay. :) We gave her a LDM and invited her to pray. The next time we saw her she said she read, prayed, and felt a feeling of relieve. I asked her if she thought that was an answer from God. She looked and me and said, ¨Si¨. WOW! Que milagro. She has a baptismal date for 27 of March. We invited her to church and told her we would come get her. The morning of we passed and knocked and knocked and called and nothing. I was really really down about it. During the sacrament I cried and prayed and asked, ¨WHY!¨ I just couldnt understand why it isnt easier to have people come to church. THis is the literally hardest thing as a misisonary. I was comforted by a hymn (I think number 62 in Spanish) and felt better when Conny, our antingua investigadora bore her testimony. It was beautiful. She should be baptized in April. 

We also found Ela. She is someone we contacted back in Enero but we passed for her this week and she let us in. We gave her a LDM and on our next visit she told us our hugs had given her a sense of relief that she couldnt explain. Que milagro! She prayed with us and is excited to continue. The interesting part is that she didnt read the LDM but her husband did. #chaching. Vamos a trabajar con eso.

It is getting colder in Valpo. My body is like ¨What¨cause I have had eternal summers. :)

Funny story: As we were walking to church there was a lady in the street with a broom. Kinda crazy. As we passed by she greeted us ¨Hola Señoras.¨and then began to say a bunch of things that didnt really make sense until she said ¨Señoras con vestidas de abuelitas¨. AKA She told us we had on grandma dresses. JAJAJA. Yeah, I know we look like granmas but whatevs. :)

Also I have pulgas (AKA fleas) again. Ugh. And today we did all my legal paperwork to make me legal in Chile! WOOT!

THe church is so true. Heavenly Father blesses His children daily. Sometimes the hard days are the best days. NOt because we are happy in the moment but because we learn the most.

I love you all!

Hermana Leah Kelson

Hermana Leah Kelson
4 Norte 1112 Casilla 631 
Viña del Mar, Chile

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